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THE CUE BOX® for Business is the result of what I learned from fifteen years of facilitating dialogue workshops for corporations and government departments. Face-to-face communication in the workplace is essential but not easy. Different job responsibilities, personalities, age groups, thinking styles, gender stereotypes and experiences often keep people from sharing their thoughts.

Our technology has made huge changes in how we connect to others, while at the same time, reducing the amount of time spent in face-to-face interaction. Theoretical physicist David Bohm pinpoints the need for these real time interactions. Bohm defines human thought as a system like other systems and yet, there is a flaw. The flaw is, human thought is in fragments. You have a fragment and I have a fragment and unless we are in relationship to share our fragments, we will continue to make decisions based on fragmented thinking.

I created THE CUE BOX® for Business so conversations about business issues would have a structure that allows and encourages each person to share their fragments. The sides of THE CUE BOX® are numbered and follow a logical progression. The issue is first framed as a situation, problem, challenge or opportunity. The questions and cues then guide the group  through different aspects of the issue, one side at a time. On the last side, the information gathered is used to collaborate and make decisions about what action to take. The time spent thinking, talking and listening is kept in balance by using a timer.

THE CUE BOX® for Business goes well beyond motivating people to share their thoughts. This tool causes thought processes to slow down. Both right and left brain thinking is engaged. People have time to think, contribute their thoughts, and listen to the thoughts of others. This level of engagement leads to each person being seen, heard and valued for their contributions. It is human connections such as this that build relationships based on trust and respect.

THE CUE BOX® challenges groups to pay attention and expand their thinking about complex issues. No one person or perspective prevails. This process bypasses self-interest and individual differences. In the end, decisions made result from individual contributions combined with the groups effort to collaborate and move forward.

I believe each person in an organization should be given this tool. The questions, single words and short phrases of THE CUE BOX® trigger connection within the brain. We all need ways to focus on our own thinking about complex issues. THE CUE BOX® is a hand held tool that connects with our internal resources in expansive ways. Time spent in focused thinking, in a world full of external distractions, is time well spent.